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Tips and ideas to help select the right lamp, bed, sofa, table, etc. for your home.


Decorating Lighting Tip: Put your beautiful home in a beautiful light. Make sure your fixtures have great style, great quality, and great value.


Here’s how.


Great Style — You can use lighting to give a room an unexpected twist or a well-coordinated look. Traditional: Consider porcelain, crystal, polished nickel, or antiqued brass; look for urns, columns, and other classic forms. Modern: Seek out clean, graphic shapes in metal, glass, woven materials, or wood. Consider the impact of the shape and material of the Lamp Shade to define the lamp’s style. Silk shades that are stretched or pleated bring an air of formality and elegance. A shade made of paper, paper-backed linen, or metal has a clean silhouette and a more casual, modern vibe.

Great Quality – What to Look for Beyond the Base and Shade? Components of a well-made lamp: A fine fixture has distinct elements and well-crafted details in the base, the shade, and the design. . Is it hand finished? What’s the socket made of? (Solid brass is the answer you want.) Does the cord color suit the base’s finish? Was the finial designed especially for the lamp? The quality is always in the details; and our lighting fixtures embody the intricate and fine elements that provide a great impact in any living space.

Great Value — To determine great value, look at the fixture as a whole: design, materials, form, quality, and safety. Is it the perfect lamp for your needs (e.g. Does it complement that table in the living room)? If you’re saying yes, then it has great value, too.

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