Franchisee of Jacob Sardini

Below is the brief outline of our exclusive services:

  • Privilege to use Jacob Sardini’s trademark.
  • Privilege to use Jacob Sardini’s marketing and operational systems.
  • Assistance to find and select the best available location.
  • Complete assistance, guidelines and specification for your business setup.
  • Complete assistance regarding selection of furniture and equipments.
  • Training to the franchisee’s staff relating to the promotion, operation or management of the business.
  • Assistance in optimizing the code of conduct for its franchisees
  • Comprehensive guidelines for operational, managerial, technical or financial support.
  • Inclusive information about sales techniques, product selection and purchase benefits.
  • Helping to select the precise display equipment or merchandising devices.
  • Supply chain management, packaging and deliveries.

Franchisee Assessment Criteria;
Jacob Sardini’s Franchisee’s assessment criteria for consideration as listed below:

  • Technical and experienced business management and communication skills;
  • Retail background is a must, furniture background an advantage
  • Must have the ability to maintain Jacob Sardini’s standards.
  • Must have thorough market knowledge as well as good business repute.
Must have the passion and drive for the same excellence that Jacob Sardini possesses.

Franchise Formats;
The various franchise formats that are available for the prospective franchisee are unit franchise, conversion franchise, retail franchise etc.

Business Concept & Its Uniqueness;
Make your home a personalized heaven by customizing your furniture with Jacob Sardini’s interior design.

Jacob Sardini is an established brand known for furniture that is beautiful, reliable and in line with the changing tastes and lifestyles of its prestigious clients. Exquisiteness and novelty are vital rudiments of every piece of furniture that is being displayed at our stores. The key attributes of Jacob Sardini’s forte lie in the smart style, abundant color palettes, variable sizes, customized fabrics, diligent craftsmanship and durability. Our creative furniture designs reach beyond innovative styles and cross boundaries of both industrial and architectural design, while using new methods and materials. Providing customers a selection of products and styles for home décor, Jacob Sardini has an exciting world of stunning possibilities waiting to be unlocked by those searching beyond the ordinary.